10 Ways To Stay Focused While Doing Your High School Math Homework

Math homework can definitely be a pain in high school. If you’re looking for a few foolproof ways to stay focused on it anyway, read on:

  1. Do it at school
  2. There isn’t much else to distract you while you’re there so you might as well devote this time to doing work that was assigned for completion at home.

  3. Create a penalty for not meeting your deadline
  4. If you are disciplined enough to carry out your penalties this might be able to work for you. It can be a series of push ups, an extra serving of vegetables or whatever else is likely to motivate you to get your work completed on time.

  5. Don’t do it by yourself
  6. Working in others gives you a reason to keep going, even if that reason is that y0u don’t want to look bad in front of your friends.

  7. Avoid people who are distracting
  8. If you usually do your assignments in a group and they’re the ones who’ve been distracting you, maybe you need to take a break from them. Find a nice cozy spot and work solo.

  9. Put something boring on the TV in the background
  10. This can really help when you’re working alone but don’t want to feel lonely. The voices from the TV will make it feel like you have company but since the show is boring they won’t pull your attention away from your task.

  11. Listen to instrumental music
  12. This technique helps if your main problem is sleepiness. The music can be lively so that it keeps you up but the lack of vocals will stop you from singing along or trying to figure out the lyrics.

  13. Keep your pet nearby
  14. Unless your pet is rowdy.

  15. Work for short periods at a time
  16. This helps you to keep up your energy levels.

  17. Give yourself a treat/reward when you finish
  18. This helps you not only with this round of homework but also to make you want to do it the next time any is assigned to you.

  19. Make it a game
  20. You can challenge a friend to see how quickly they can finish and how many they get right.

Math may be hard now but it gets simpler the more you practice.

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