How To Solve Difficult Mathematics Homework Problems

There is a solution to each math problem, even the seemingly difficult ones. We present a few pointers that should help you in your quest for solving difficult math.

Change of attitude

Let go of the notion that the problem is difficult. Instead, think of it as an easy problem whose solution you have not found. Attitude plays a key role in your academic life. Be positive, belief in yourself, your abilities and nurture a resolute, unyielding mentality.

Build your resource base

You need good textbooks, online resources, cheat sheets and formula maps and dozens other resources that come in handy when tackling difficult math. Build your repository of resources you’ve found useful. When faced with a problem, refer first to your resource base. It saves time, effort and a lot of hair pulling.


Consistently improve your math solving skills by practising. Every good math student does this. Allocate it time in your schedule. Practice questions abound: in textbooks, online and past exam papers. Practising builds speed, confidence and knowledge.

Review the basics.

Difficult questions usually combine multiple concepts. You will need to be familiar with these concepts in the stand a chance at success. Review the basics and be good at them. Try to find the connection to these in the difficult question. Also, cover previous concepts from earlier lessons.

Get online help

Use the online assistance services prevalent online to ease yourself out of a tight spot. If you have limited time or have run out of options, this assistance is a good backup. Conduct research on the sites beforehand. Online tutors are the best help so look to sites offering this service.

Join a study group

Find like-minded students with diverse talents and knowledge and help each other out. Study group offers the advantages of group sharing in a familiar, easy environment. Be active and join a group that is focused.

Ask your tutor

Your tutor will be more than happy to assist. You will, however, have to show that you’ve attempted the questions. It does help you to cultivate a good relationship with your tutor. Ensure also you attend all your classes and are attentive. Tutors need to see you are diligent and resourceful not lazy and looking for an easy way out. If you apply yourself to your homework, success is within reach. Work hard and work smart. Use what is availed to your and within your reach to your advantage.

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