Coping With Homework In Religious Education Easily

After a long day of classes, homework can be the last thing you want to tackle. In particular, Religious education classes can often deluge students with work outside of class. There are some steps you can take to help keep the time and headache associated with extra work from your Religious Education class to a minimum. Here are four tips to get you going!

  • Keep a Calendar – Using a calendar to keep track of all of your assignments in all your classes helps ensure you don't miss any deadlines and that you don't have too much work on any given evening. As soon as you find out a test date or the due date for an assignment, mark it in your calendar, so you can plan your week, and give yourself more than one night to study for tests. Religion tests can be filled with details, so it helps to have plenty of time to study.
  • Have a Study Group – Getting together with classmates on a regular basis can make studying easier and more effective, particularly in classes like Religion. Discussion of the ideas and topics with others can help you to solidify the information. In addition, you can pool your resources and work together on homework.
  • Keep Your Resources Close at Hand – Read your assignments regularly, without letting multiple assignments pile up. Then, ensure you have your reading material close at hand when it comes time to complete assignments or study for a test. Highlighting text, if it's permissible, is a great way to note important items you'll need to remember. Otherwise, take notes so that you can refer to these when studying for a test, rather than having to read all of the material again.
  • Learn to "Mini Study" – Learning to study in mini-snippets will help you to use your time wisely. If you have 15 minutes to wait for a doctor's appointment, have your book or some flash cards with you and use the time to study. If you can get your reading materials on cd, listen to the material while you're driving. Studying for 15 minutes at a time may not seem like much, but it adds up without requiring big chunks of time.

Staying on top of work outside of the classroom takes organization, discipline and commitment. Avoiding the temptation to put assignments off until the last minute and working with others can ensure you're doing your very best in your Religion class.

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